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The pain of a cyclocross race.
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And anything else that comes as a result of loving bikes
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Friday, April 2, 2010

We all geeks.

Riding through downtown last week I stumbled upon a car show.

(Notice how skillfully I managed to include myself in the picture.)

There was a lot of boom-dee-boom.

Big sound, big wheels, big tech. For ranchers, too.

Much like in the cycling world, I saw a lot of passion, artistry and a desire for the latest and the greatest.

Bikes are part of the urban culture as well.

Carlos was shy about posing with his chromed-out steed, but he was clearly honored to do so.

I was on my usual ride for easy days, a Swobo Del Norte steel fixed gear. Fun, but not the lightest.

There must be something about this bike, cause it still elicited the usual “Is that one of those bikes you can lift with one finger?” and a “How much did you pay for that bike?” Hating to disappoint them, my answers were apologetic, yet no one seemed concerned.

I was standing amidst hip-hop urban kids –black, white, Hispanic, Asian. I stood out, of course, resplendent in my Team Bikesport/Ion green spandex, taking admiring photos of their sick cars. And yet, they made small talk, a human connection. They recognized me for who I am: a fellow geek. Yeah, from a different culture altogether – but a brother in geekness, nonetheless.

Twenty-sixes are the new twenties, by the way.

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