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Because we're all in this together,
this blog is an ongoing chronicle of what it means to be human,
with a focus on what it means to be human ... cyclists.
The good. The bad. The ugly.
The joy of a ride on a lonely country road.
The pain of a cyclocross race.
The rage that comes from dealing with aggressive drivers.
The appreciation of a fine piece of cycling artistry.
And anything else that comes as a result of loving bikes
and living.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Anything can happen on a bike ride

You can go looking for a bite to eat and find this:
Out of which comes something like this:

Which has bananas, pecans and Nutella®. Or you can order one with Schulenberg Garlic Sausage, local spinach and Redneck Cheddar, which looks like this:

Oops! Almost all gone, must've been good. The cart is called Melange Creperie.

You can also ride around downtown and stop to get directions, walk into a shopping center, find a pet adoption event, and end up with a sweet boy like this one:

He's a mix of something like a boxer, and an American bulldog. He's got a big head and jowls, but a slimmer body. He was found on the street, lost. He's got a lot of ant bites on his nose and heart worm. He's going to the vet to get the heart worm treated before coming home to us later this week. He's so sweet, calm and just adorable.

Who knows what'll happen the next time we're out on the bike.